ryan_field (ryan_field) wrote,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Julian Fantechi: Romance Book Cover Model and Playgirl Centerfold



I posted about Julian Fantechi a few weeks ago and I wanted to do an update. Since then, I've gotten to know Julian better, and he's even a nicer guy than I originally thought he was. When I first met him he was offering a promotion to his fans. For $19.99, anyone could contact him and he'd send them a signed Playgirl Magazine and a head shot, and he'd donate five dollars of the $19.99 to the Humane Society.

Being a huge fan of the Humane Society, as well being a Julian fan (I'd never seen his Playgirl centerfold... but I'd always been a fan of his romance book covers), I contacted him. We started talking about his book covers and he sent me the info I'd need to receive the signed Playgirl Magazine he'd done.

The autographed magazine and the head shot arrived yesterday and it's really a great centerfold. And the fact that Playgirl is not in print anymore makes it collectible, too. So if anyone's interested in this offer, and helping the Humane Society, you can contact Julian here julian216@gmail.com and he'll send you the information you need.

The Humane Society is a good cause, and you get in touch with a fantastic guy at the same time.

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