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VANCE'S FLAMES is Now Stand Alone E-Book

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

VANCE'S FLAMES is Now a Stand Alone E-Book


VANCE'S FLAMES is a short story that was originally published in a collection of short stories by Cleis Press, which was edited by Shane Allison. And now VANCE'S FLAMES being released as a stand alone e-book, by loveyoudivine.com, and I wanted to post some background information that I think will interest readers.


This new e-book release isn't an exact edition of the originally published short story. I think this one is far better; I'm much happier with it. It's longer, there's more depth of emotion, and there's a quiet, happy, romantic ending. I also had full editorial control with this version, thanks to the wonderful e-publisher, Claudia Regenos, at loveyoudivine.com, and I was able to turn a naughty little story into a sharp lgbt romance that's socially responsible, with two very unlikely male characters who find each other, in spite of their differences.


The editor I worked with on this is Janet Schelke, from Loveyoudivine, and Dawne Dominique did the cover art. Both Janet and Dawne worked with me on DOWN THE BASEMENT, and it's always a great experience working with both of them. I can't find a link for Janet (I will look, though) but here's one for Dawne Dominique...http://www.dawnedominique.com/...if you'd like to check out her web site.


VANCE'S FLAMES will be released on January 8, 2010.

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